The Edelweiss team

Our cordial commitment and personal service will define your stay at the Edelweiss Hotel from the moment you arrive and all throughout your stay. The hostess and chef will take you on a tour around the Grand Restaurant and Arvenstube restaurant. Our spa manager, meanwhile, will be happy to welcome you in our spa and wellness facility.

Madeleine Petermann Hotel Director
Jens Bohmeyer Assistant Manager
Christoph Wyniger Chef de Réception / Head of Réception
Rita Bassu Head Housekeeper
Stephan Gose Chef de Cuisine / Executive Chef
Christian Wöhrle Chef de Service / Restaurant Manager
Stefano Rossato Stv. Chef de Service / Ass. Restaurant Manager
Emanuela Cavalli Therapist
Stefania Comini Quality Assurance and Employee Administration
Urs Schurte Tecnical Service